Monday, 31 October 2011

Down the field

Found this pic from last winter when the fourfiddy hub got smashed and wasn't going anywhere. It was a long way back so tried getting a push from Ant and Mike on either side. It ended in tears... of laughter!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Trail Riding... Africa style

Some pics of my brother Igor's recent trail riding trip in Qwa-Qwa, South Africa...


It was a training trip for the upcoming Roof of Africa extreme enduro... preparations are going well!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Badd Ass BeeEm

I spotted this badd-ass BeeEm GS in the paddock at ManxGP 2010 and meant to post it. I saw it again this year. It has to be the coolest BeeEm... ever!

This is a BeeEm I would own!
This year I found out the owner of the beast... none other than flattrack mate Alan Birtwhistle! It's a small, small world...

Alan's all action flattrack style wins him trophies!

Monday, 17 October 2011


The fourfiddy has been moulding away in the garage for the last few months.

Got it out on Sunday morning to the Enduroland practice/training ground which is just a few miles away from me. They have a few events there every year.

I chose all the 'hard' routes... 
...not so hard
It was sunny, dry, dusty and fast... the way I like it. Spent about an hour and forty-five shreddin'. I am soo unfit... it's hurtin today!

The technical forest section... not difficult when dry...

...but throw in some camoflage and a bit of rain and they'll have you!

Need to ride more and get fitter... fit enough for a 3 hour harescramble.

It was a great day on the dirt!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bustin' Clays

On Saturday Alex gave me the best birthday prezzie ever!

I got a voucher to the local clay shootin' club. It's been many years since I've done any shootin. It was awesome to get out in the sunshine and bust some clays in a civilised way (very different from the ferral shootin I did as a kid in Africa).

A lesson and 50 clays with Chief Instructor Geoff

Hope to do more of it over the winter  :-)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mountainbiking in Africa

Mountainbiking in Africa can be dangerous!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Scunny Mud

Some great muddy pics from Jon Pym on Sunday...

Dodging an errant hot-shoe, tear-off only half torn-off...

Twas a wee bit muddy out there on turn one

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Flattrackin - Club Championship at Scunthorpe

Sunday morning we hauled the flattracker up to Scunthorpe for the last flattrack races of the season in the Shorttrack UK Club Championship. Due to the torrential rain the night before, the track owner cancelled the event. Pete Boast eventually convinced him to pump the foot of water off the track and run the event. We got started with the heats an hour or so late - Thanks Pete!

Thanks Steve Baldock for the great photography!
It was muddy, slippy and slidey. Getting off the line was a problem... stone last into turn 1 in the first 2 heats. Despite trying hard to just roll the bike forward, the power of the LC4 just spun the rear up and I was standing still. Once off the line, I made good progress through the field to finish mid-pack.

Waterlogged track
Before the races, Guy Southerland told me he was trying a new strategy. The 'No Crashes' strategy. With my visits to the floor almost in double figures for the season, I agreed this would be a great strategy and adopted it.

Guy 'Bionic Man' Sutherland sporting knee braces
Through the heats for the 'Restricted' and 'Thunderbike' classes, I just took it steady. I didn't touch my rear brake and kept it as smooth as possible - one false move on this muck and you'd be on your arse.

Led by Co-Built Anthony Brown, followed by Wayne 'Snakeman' Drake on his last flattrack race in the UK
Thanks Steve Baldock for the pic
The track dried out nicely and by the time the heats were through, it was mostly fast and grippy with a wide line around the turns - good for passing. I made a lot of passes and bagged a couple of thirds with most of my finishes in the top 5.

Start 'em young! There was a pee-wee speedway track next door
Smooth and steady with no crashes... it pays off. I gathered enough points to get a 7th place start in the Thunderbikes final and a 3rd place start in the Restricted final :-)

We make both finals
Thunderbike final: I make as decent a start as I can from the still mucky inside of the track. Turn one and I get a face-full of muddy water from a cheeky inside move by Les Collins through a big puddle on the apex. I have work to do. Turn one is still slippy as hell with the water from the puddle... turn three and four are beautiful... wide open on the throttle!

Just about to drink the dirt from Les Collins (No 94)
I keep it pinned when I can and make a few passes on the outside of turn four where there's loads of grip. Turn one and into turn two, I just take it easy and two-wheel it through. I reach the chequered flag in 5th with Wayne Drake on my six... on a borrowed bike :-)

Wayne 'Snakeman' Drake was flying on a borrowed Co-Built Thunderbike. After a few offs, he finished 6th in the Thunderbike and 7th in the Pro Class Grand Final - well done mate! Wayne is off to New Zealand soon. We're gonna miss you!
Restricted final: A good start out of the rut in start gate 3 and I'm third into turn 1. A lap or so later and Steve Baldock gets me with a great inside move. Next turn he pulls another great move and is up to second. I'm hungry for a podium and start pushing Anthony Sutton in third.

It was filthy out there!
Thanks Steve Baldock for the pic
Anthony is good out of turn four so no outside moves there. A few laps sussing him out and I make my move. Turn three - with no brakes I run up his inside and lay the bike down hard... I feel the edge of the tyre scraping the grippy clay and I hold the bike up on my left leg... steel shoe earning it's keep all the way... I slip up his inside. Now that's the way to do it!

We finish both finals!
I finish 3rd in the Restricted final. Whooohooo!

I'm all gee'd up to collect a trophy. The final standings are a cumulation of points from all the heats and the final for that class. After the tally, Anthony Sutton pips me by one point and I get 4th for the day. Disappointed to not come home with some silverware... but well done to Anthony, Steve and Andy Riley who beat me to it.

Spy pic - Gary's project taking shape nicely!

The 'No Crash' strategy certainly worked with my best flattrack results to date. 5th in Thunderbikes and 4th in Restricted. Thanks Guy! (also thanks to Steve Coles with words of wisdom).

A great day 'in' the clay!

(now to clean all this shit off the bike and gear... )

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tomorrow - Scunthorpe

This week I got busy repairing the flattracker for tomorrows racing at Scunthorpe. It's the last round of the ShorttrackUK Club championship - I've missed most rounds so am way out of the points... I'll just be riding for the day...  :-)

Whipped the jets out and gave 'em a good clean... seems to have fixed the problems of  Rye House... I hope...
Before Rye House, the right side of the bike was mint... now it's trashed!
Dirt can hurt
Raided the Wee Monster's spares box for a modified gear lever - how long will it last?
Somehow the bolt on the top clamp came out - the impact mullered the top clamp
Co-Built... a bit of heat, a pry-bar, a five pound hammer and whole lot of persuasion got things right!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Just one of the many reasons even Moto2 racing is so expensive...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Bruce Brown Interview

A short interview with Bruce Brown and a bit about On Any Sunday...

Saturday, 1 October 2011


More fantastic flattrack photography from Raffaele Paolucci on his Streettracker blog...

Keep making those beautiful images Raffaele!