Saturday, 22 February 2014

Character Building

I have been trying to gather some stuff for a positive post. I have failed.

I have spent around many days in the last 4 months trying to get my Wee Monster together for the first race of 2014 in just 5 week's time. A simple job for some... but I have struggled my ass off.

My first ever bit of engine work - to fix the loss of compression on the front cylinder after she ate some gravel at Oulton last year. Just top-end stuff. Hey... how complex can a two-valve air-cooled twin be? Everyone keeps telling me how simple it is.

I have had the heads and barrels off on on 4 times now. Compression issue sorted... but oil pissing into the top cylinder. Thought I'd found the problem of a split valve seal. Nah... still as oily as Chinese Fish 'n Chips in there.

Just broke the scraper ring. The 3rd one I've broken. Which of course only comes in a kit of 3... for 90 quid. Nice. Spent 270 quid on rings and the fecker is still broke! Keep going...

This'll be the last time I touch a goddamn engine.