Friday, 30 November 2012

Wrenchmonkees CX500 Cafe Racer

Another beautiful machine from Wrenchmonkees... this time created from a Honda CX500...

Thanks to Cafe Racer Culture for the link

Friday, 23 November 2012

ManxGP Vid

Found a vid I didn't realise I had from this year's ManxGP.

The real action starts 3 minutes in... and ends 9 minutes later... :-(

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

El Diabola

Something scrumptious from the Cafe Racer Culture blog:


my name is Stefano Venier and I make custom motorcycles in Italy, that i actually design in Brooklyn NY where i live from 2005.
My concept is the Remade in Italy I basically bring back to life old glorious Italian motorcycles that are not ready yet for scrap metal.
If you interested on feature the bike in your web site it would be an honor for me, being one of your biggest fan.
I hope you will like the bike, i'm working on 5 new models right now.





Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adventure Speedweek - Day 2

Haakskeen - The 5k Grin - part II


Early in the morning, it was still.
Yeah! That’s more like it.
Many still fell short of their marks, other took to the challenges at hand.

The wait.
The vehicle ahead of you gets the course all clear,
Shifts into gear, and pulls away steadily, as not to break traction on the soft surface.
You start to gear up, turn the ignition, and hit the crank, “wirrr Dong Dong Dong Dong….”
Music to my ears.
The thudding drone of a Ducati Desmo Duo.

There is enough time for warm up, before the course is clear.
Focus, focus on you chosen clean line.
The distance markers, you got to time it right.
Some of us have enough traction- power to flat out in the first 3 km’s, so you have to hold on a bit, and flatten it when it is right, to get it through the gate at the top.
(You are timed on an average on the last 100m at the end of the 5Km strip)
Believe me , some of them buggars need the whole 5 k’s.

The Clark of the Course gives thumbs up.
It is time.
Quick check.
All green.
Visor down and latched.
“Klunk” in gear, blipping of the throttle for the crowds, n we’re away.

Aggressive to start, need to put on a bit of a show.
But soon enough you are , away on moving on down the track.
Focus ahead, settle the feet on the pegs, move the ass back, and put the chest on the tank.
Get comfy.
Watch the distance.
It goes by quick enough.

Steady up to 80%, hold, hold… all feels steady.
3.5 km’s down, roll here flat, at tuck as much as you can.
She surges still, till 95% then bleeds off, still holding, squeezing, squeezing, the marker too soon flashes by, you hold still, just in case.


Shit , the turn out zone is her before I have rolled.
Bwwaaaaaah!……. the sudden deceleration from a flat out twin is quite something.
Slow it down, 2k’s after turn out, we peel off to the left, and do a wide arc round to the timing tent. (250m off the coarse to the left at the 5 km mark)

Some one walks out, as I approach, and shouts 211.
I smile and give a big thumbs up. Whooop whoop.

The goal set was 209.2 km/h(130mph)
Goal reached and exceeded by 1.8 km’s/h
Stock standard Ducati St2 2 valve.
It was great.
One of the few who achieved the speed they set out to.

The pan was more of a hand full than most anticipated.
That is pan racing.
Tar is easy, easy peasy.
Pan is kool. Pan is soul. Pan is not just outright speed.
Pan is unique……….

Have look and see.
An attempt has been made to capture some.
But you cannot rely feel, till you have tasted the dust, felt the sun ,spoken to the people, and felt the silent wind of the Kalagadi blow through you.