Tuesday, 16 June 2015

TT Day 15 - A Bit of R&R

After the Lightweight race on Friday, we hung about the paddock and grandstand for the Senior TT. Up on Glencrutchery Road I wished all the riders I knew to have a good one and to go fast. It's a privilege to be up there.

Team Herbertson

Dom giving a thumbs up to the crowd

Marco Pagani

Queue for the toilet before the race

John McGuinness focuses before the race

James Hillier

Michael Dunlop

Bruce Anstey

Brandon Cretu

Cameron Donald

Ian Hutchinson

Guy Martin

Gary Johnson

David Hewson

Michael Rutter

Guy Martin

McGuinness is first on the road

Sam West had a fantastic TT on only his second visit to the Isle

James Cowton

AJ Venter from South Africa

Unfortunately, the Senior race is red-flagged after an incident near the 11th Milestone. Our thoughts go to Jamie Hamilton for full recovery.

The restart is over 4 laps. After a mistake by Ian Hutchinson on lap 1, John McGuinness showed why he has 22 TT wins. McGuinness and Guy Martin both breaking the lap record as they came into the pits and the Grandstand cheering them on was memorable. After the Senior, we had a prize-giving in pit-lane. Much better than the Villa Marina affairs where one has the hassle of getting tickets and getting down there.

Unfortunately Dom retired with a failed clutch

John McGuinness comes into the pits after smashing the TT lap record

Dean Harrison getting a wheel change and refuel

Unfortunately Lee Johnson retired

McGuinness takes his 23rd TT victory

Cheering crows up the return road

Fabrice Miguet ran out of fuel and pushed the bike home... then collapsed exhausted after crossing the line. Well done Dood!

Winner gets a lift to the podium

Selfie with Whitham and Plater

Our result form the Lightweight race was 25th place and a bronze replica. Uber-chuffed about that! A fantastic win for Ivan Lintin in the Lightweight and again, it was an honor to receive a trophy at the same prizegiving as some of the TT legends; John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, Michael Dunlop, Bruce Anstey and many other TT winners. Surreal.

Lightweight and Senior Prizegiving

After a few beers and the prizegiving, we were knackered. We hauled the bikes back to the garage then had a quiet reflective beer back at Bray Hill before hitting the hay, absolutely exhausted.

Guy Martin's podium Smiths Triumph

With Dave Johnson... the fastest southern hemisphere peep to ever lap the IOM

I have seen the future... and this is it

Single-speed... the way to go

Sarolea joined the 100mph club in the TT Zero

With James Hillier after his Senior podium

Dan Cooper

Nic meets McGuinness

With Ryan and Dan Kneen

Davy Morgan

Dave Hewson

On Saturday we slept in. Well earned. Later in the morning we went back to the garage to clean the wee bike and organise our tools, equipment, gear and the mountain of used tyres for packing later that evening. We then headed up to the Cregg for some pub scran. Then up to Snaefell to visit the museum... my fifth time to visit the museum and the fourth time it has been closed in the middle of the day - is it ever open? On to Onchan to find the Steve Hislop statue and have a walk around Port Jack in the sunshine.

Getting the garage sorted

It was grim on Snaefell Mountain... but Joey didn't mind

We then went down to the Sound and Calf of Man - no trip to the Isle is complete without some coffee and the best scones around (with cream and stawberry jam of course) down at the Calf. There was a cold wind whipping it up and while Nic went down the rocks to take some photos at the shoreline. I found a great little sheltered spot where the mossy grass was dry. It was so comfy that I caught 40 winks in the sunshine. Bliss.

Port Jack

Steve Hislop memorial

Both looking pretty knackered

Good place for a snooze

The Calf

On our way back to Douglas, we watched the last race of the Post TT races on the Billown circuit. I have always wanted to race the Billown circuit and had I known earlier in the fortnight that these races were on, I may have entered. But then again... we were so tired... probably not.

Post TT Road Races on the Billown circuit

Back to the garage and we had the van loaded within an hour. We then went down to Douglas Marina where we managed to get a table at a good restaurant. I little treat for two weeks hard graft. Every day for the fortnight we were just about non-stop for 12 hours a day. It takes a huge amount of energy and effort. It takes it out of you.

Funfair on the Douglas Promenade

That morning we were so glad we didn't have to prep bikes... but driving on the course later that day... I was already missing going out for practice. Racing on the Isle of Man is like that. It's tough on man and machine... It challenges you. It tests you. Physical, mental, emotional. The next morning we'd be on the ferry home.