Monday, 29 July 2013

Classic TT Build - She Lives!

Got an update from RedMax Steve on the engine build on Saturday. All assembled, cam timing done, installed and hey-presto! She Lives!

Here are some pics Steve has posted...


Engine in...

...and hooked up.

 Got some carbon cans... link pipes need trimming...
More on these carbon lovelies to come!

It'll go something like that...

Getting there... but the biggest parts are now done...
That old lead-acid battery has to go...
Even though it is period correct, rules are free on batteries... and skrootineers prefer non liquid carrying batteries.

At the end of the album is a sound clip of that 888 desmo Quattro (I couldn't figure out how to download it). Superb!

I still find it brilliant how someone can strip down an engine to every nut, bolt and washer... then rebuild it... hit the start button and it fires right up. Steve... you da man!

I've still got quite a bit to do on her and the closest dyno time Steve could get for the tuning is next week. So I'm going to fetch her from the RedMax Speed Shop later this week so that I can get her sorted this weekend and hopefully take her for a few test runs :-)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

MV 750 1975

MV Augusta's were damn pretty even back in 1975...

Thanks to Café Racer Culture for the pics

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Classic TT Build - Engine Assembly

RedMax Steve got the balanced crank back and started the assembly and posted some brilliant update pics on flickr. This is where I have no idea what's going on in the pics other than it looks damn cool, seriously complicated and old skool hi-tech.

These pics are mesmerising. Loads more on RedMax Steve's flickr album of the build.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Manx Prep - Suzy V

Been prepping Suzy V for the Manx... clean, check everything, new battery, move the rad, oil change, brake fluid change, measure everything again... lockwire, polish the screen and do the numbers.


Had a few clearance issues at ManxGP 2012...

Filter and some sweet Rock Oil - first time I've changed oil on the wee bike!

Hand-cut vinyl numbers... yeah, baby!

Made a new helmet bump-stop (when everything bottoms out at the bottom of Bray Hill, the helmet normally clouts the tank/damper)
... it has a hole to hold the gas cap during the pit-stop. Factory!
I then ordered a new gas cap because the one I have has 'issues' ... ho-hum.
All numbered up and ready for the Isle

She's now ready to rock 'n roll. Two bikes out of three done. Worried I gonna run out of time with the Ducati... engine is still coming together and I got loads to do on her.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Honda CM 400 CR

Nice little caf racer on the CafeRacerCulture blog...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

ManxGP Envy

My mate and fellow ManxGP racer Mike Moulai is going to be at this year's ManxGP again. But this year he'll be on that most awesome sounding Jack Valentine MV Agusta F3.

Man, I am jealous!

Off the ManxGP Facebook page:

Michael Moulai Confirmed to ride Jack Valentine MV for Wilson/Collins at 2013 Manx Grand Prix

New Zealander Michael Moulai has been confirmed to ride the Jack Valentine prepared MV Agusta that Gary Johnson rode in this year's Supersport TT.... The New Zealander will ride the 600cc machine in both the Junior and Senior MGP Races, which are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th August.

Moulai finished 9th in last year's Junior MGP Race and has a best placed 6th finish which he achieved in the Newcomers A race in 2009. He finished 13th in the Senior TT in his debut year on the Mountain Course and was running third in last year's Senior before running out of fuel at the Nook.

The 38 year old, now based in Lincolnshire, had an unusual history and was actually selected to represent New Zealand as a cyclist in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games but broke his back in a hand gliding accident that not only ruled him out of the Games but effectively ended his cycling career in the process.

The Wilson/Collins outfit has four Senior Manx Grand Prix winners with Gary Carswell, Mark Parrett, Paul Duckett and Buddy Yeardsley all winning the blue riband race. The team has been participating in the Manx Grand Prix for over forty years and also holds the lap record for The Manx Grand Prix Senior Race - 122.208mph (18:31.45), which was set in 2005 by Alan Jackson, which he achieved from a standing start.

Commenting on the MV's participation, Des Collins said:
"Jack has been really helpful in supporting us with the project and I'm delighted that an MV will be appearing in the Manx Grand Prix. I'm also pleased to be backing a New Zealander as I have a huge affection for the place."

Michael Moulai commented:
"I am very pleased and excited about being asked to ride the Valmoto MV for Wilson/Collins racing as I have a very soft spot for Italian bikes having raced a Ducati in the 2009 and 2010 MGP. I have been very lucky to be given this opportunity to ride for a team which has vast experience in road racing."

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Classic TT Build - Engine Parts

A box of engine parts arrived at the RedMax Speed Shop last week.


And Steve got out his box of shims to give make sure her top-end is sweet :-)

Top-end is now rebuilt. Balanced crank arrives tomorrow, then it can all go back together, cam timing done, engine installed and then set-up on the dyno :-)

KTM Superlight

A real nice little KTM streettracker/caf racer on the Café Racer Culture blog...

Monday, 15 July 2013

ManxGP Prep - RSV Factory

While the Ducati SP3's engine is being rebuilt... I've got going on prep for the other Manx GP bikes. I was going to say 'modern' class bikes... but although the Senior and Supertwin classes cater for modern bikes... mine are both pretty old.

First up the 10 year old Aprilia RSV Factory.

Ready to bomb down Bray Hill again!
I went a bit over-board on the side-number visibility this year. Every previous year I've had the aggro of changing the graphics because I haven't passed the 'artictic interpretation' guidelines. If you can't see she's #50, you're a blind-ass-mo-fo!
The old 'race tuned' engine put out 131 bhp at the back wheel on the dyno before last year's Manx. Not bad. She dropped a valve on the rear cylinder just after Ballaugh Bridge on lap 1 of the Senior Race last year. The head damage was 'uneconomical to repair', so I picked up a 10k mile engine off ebay (and got an extra £20 discount for making to journey in the snow...) and dropped it off with my mate and Aprilia RSV guru Don Plane at Southern Cross. He plugged it in, fitted my open air-area and popped it on the same dyno for a tune-up.

133bhp at the rear wheel. :-) She's a good 'un!

A bit of before and after carbon lovin'

Most of my lock-wiring was still in place and the Pirelli SuperCorsa tyres have only done 15 or so miles. Just the usual Manx inspection and checking of everything and a little bit refurbing/tarting up and she's good for another ManxGP :-)

Common Manx-fuel-overflow syndrome from last year...

... sand it down...

...mask it up...

...rattle-can primer...

...a bit of shiny black on top (I prefer satin black...)...

...and shazam. Looking good!

Big Betty on the bench.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Manx GP Exposure

On the back of all the exposure the Classic TT is getting, the Manx GP is also getting more than I've ever seen. Here's one from down under:

Warrnambool Racer

Go Rob!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pike's Peak Hillclimb Star - Travis Newbold

Awesome job by Travis Newbold on the this year's Pikes Peak Hillclimb - 4th in class!

Check out his blog write-up on the event. In context... a brilliant result! Well done Dood!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Classic TT - Engine Strip Down

A few weeks ago I dropped the 851 off with RedMax Steve Hillary for the engine rebuild. Steve got straight to work and stripped it down to see what parts he needed for the rebuild. Steve does an awesome job of documenting everything and showing the builds he does. Here are a few pics from the RedMax Speedshop IOM 888 SP3 Ducati Flickr album ...

We're going for a stock engine that is setup right. Reliability, reliability, reliability. Got some nice ally vernier pullys from Mark Lumb at MADASL Racing. Crank will be balanced and gearbox 'rumbled'. Four new rockers and other parts for the rebuild are on their way - hopefully arrive next week and Steve can get the engine back together. It will be put together and setup as good as it can be with what time and money we have. Reliability is key - 130bhp is no use when you're parked up on the side of the track.

Still not finished, but in place for the dyno setup... a sneak peek at the Oronero carbon air runner and dash... more on these lovelies when the engine is done.