Monday, 28 October 2013

Flattrack Practice

Yesterday, Pete Boast held a practice day at Leicester Speedway. I had committed to going, but really wasn't up for it on the day. Not wanting to let anyone down, I managed to reluctantly drag my kit into the van, and loaded the flattracker. As I was man-handling it in, I felt a muscle in my back go "poing!". Fuck, that hurt!

I shovelled some pain-killers in my mouth and headed to my 'local' track. Overnight rain left the track really soggy - not the conditions I like. I just watched the first few sessions glumly. Not up for it. Not up for getting my bike and kit covered in shale. Being surrounded with Paaarp-paaaarping bikes and a drying track and my mood slowly changed. I popped another pain-killer in and got my kit on.

First session I is was super slow. It started to come to me by the second session and actually started to enjoy the third session. I just went round and round and round. I wanted Pete to ride my bike and give some feedback. I have never ridden another flattracker.. so have no idea if my bike is good or bad.

It was a good turnout with 2 sessions being run.
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.

Unfortunately, Pete didn't get a chance to try out the bike but gave me a great tip on my handle-bar position. I swung them forward about 2 inches... much easier getting into corners (which is where I struggle). I found the throttle control a bit awkward with the bars that far forward, but I got used to it. By the end of my third session, my back was killing me. So I quit while ahead.

Some of the usual suspects were there...
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.


 Young Oliver Brindley was flying... passed me a few times.
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.

It was a good day on the clay and a great track - I hope we get to race there next year. Hopefully I'll get to see the doc today about my back - still fuckin hurts. Also just realised I didn't do a post on the last round of the DTRA National Flattrack Champs... I'll get onto that soon.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sweet DD

A sweet looking Desmo Due-like racer build by the panigaleracingteam. Loads more pics on the build, on track and vids in their blog...

Thanks Café Racer Culture blog... for the link!

Sunday, 13 October 2013


... can be useful.

Autumn arrived this week to end the best summer weather in many years. Making space on the workbench for the winter projects. Need to make an early start on next seasons preparations - starting off with finding those lost 10bhp on both the Wee Monster and the Suzuki SV...

Friday, 4 October 2013


This month's edition of Practical Sportsbikes... never had my name and pic in a magazine before...

Keeping good company... on the same page as Anstey, Dunlop, Mercer, a few others and some chap named McGuiness.