Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thunderbikes 2012 Gallery

Puting together a page on all the folks racing Thunderbikes this year...

I'll be stalking the paddock and hope to get everyone by the end of the year.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Flattracker prepped, van packed and 2 hours across country to King's Lynn for the second round of the ShorttrackUK Club and Grand National Championships...

When we got there, the track was waterlogged... and weather threatening

By the time first prctice rolled around it was raining. A decision was delayed, but constant rain and the event was a washout. Pete giving us the news we were expecting

Indoors and an ad-hoc DirtQuake planning meeting started...

Paul and Pete with matching flat-caps

Too much rain in paradise!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

ShorttrackUK GNC Round 1 - Leicester

After battling it out all day last Sunday in the ShorttrackUK Club Championship, I took a half-hour nap in the back of the van and came out ready for the GNC Championship that evening...

The atmosphere of night racing is special... and in UK at the beginning of April it's bloody cold!

Waiting for the next heat...

Geoff Cain with the seat of the house!

Protege youngster Tim Neave on 'Yankee' John's two-smoke made us all look slow in the Thunderbikes

Guy Sutherland and his Co-Built

22h00 and it's all over... just the the war-stories, back-slaps, laughs and smiles left...
After the busy day, I only had enough in my tank for one more class, the GNC Thunderbikes. More good starts and steday riding saw me to a 5th in the final :-)

On any Sunday... but with a 4a.m. start on Monday, would have preferred a Saturday. Lovin' it!

I also shot nearly 3 hours of onboard footage... now to edit it!

Monday, 9 April 2012

ShorttrackUK Club Championship Round 1 - Leicester

Last Sunday was the first round of the ShorttrackUK Club Championship at Leicester Speedway. I entered the Thunderbike and Restricted classes...

Sunshine, Flattracker in the back of the van and on the way to the races :-)

Riders Briefing

Getting stuck into the first turn melee

My pit crew...

There were a few new bikes... and a full newcomers class

I ran well in the heats... starting off with a 5th, then 2 x 4th... then bagging my first heat win and a couple of 2nds :-) 


I made good starts all day - this one from the back row.
Thanks Steve Baldock for the pic
Four beautiful Co-Builts

George Pickering on #38 was demon-fast. I got good starts and kept it smooth and steady... thanks Jim for the advice... it works!
Thanks Steve Baldock for the pic

I saw Geoff's back all day. In 2 of the heats, the Restricted and the Thunderbike final, I followed #45 home

Getting on the gas early in one of the Restricted class heats

The way to do it... out in front

6th in the Thunderbike final and 3rd in the Restricted final... my first flattrackin' silverware!
A great day on the clay!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shots from the Shop

A few hours prepping the flattracker last Saturday...

Makin' tools... needed a 5.5mm spanner...

M3 stainless bolts for the DZUS - got tired of replacing stripped ally rivets

Recycle - gear-shift lever on it's third life

New rubber on the rear for the new season... pure luxury!