Monday, 21 November 2011


Saturday we were at Rollerburn.

Roller-Derby: Girls in fishnets and hot-pants bashing each other around on roller-skates
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.
The red team (forgotten their name) won by 1 point.
No.22 was their star, scoring most of their points... she also won the sprint races!
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.

Some girls play rough!

A first of it's kind event with custom bike show, stands selling things from tee-shirts and cupcakes to pin-striping and flattracker parts, roller-derby, roller drag-races, live bands, slalom skating, roller-girl sprint races, art exhibition...

My favourite bike on display - Sideburn Ben's Guzzi. This bike has supremo kudos... the way I like 'em:
Ridden - not polished.

A babe and one cool-lookin' BSA streettracker
(Saturday morning was the first time I've cleaned the old gal  in the last 2 years!)

One of the many and rediculously detailed customs... makes the BSA look like the weekend hack that it is

Skateboard slalom competition - Skooterfarm Dave gets taken out big-time by a skater going the wrong way up the course! Ouch!

The ramp was a work of art!

The ramp was also used for the Roller-Girl sprint races
A couple of the lasses came a cropper...
Grim determination.
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.
Roller Drag-Race: Nutters on flattrackers draggin' girls on roller-skates.
Thanks Jason Ruffell for the pic.

It was way cool and great to see many of my mates there! Thanks to the guys at Sideburn and all the others that put in all the graft to make it the success it was...

When's the next one?


  1. Thanks for coming amigo. And the post made me smile. We really need to organise a feature on that BSA of yours. G

  2. Sorry I was so busy Paul hope you had a good time

  3. No, no... thank YOU guys for making it happen!