Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Roof of Africa Pics

Overall Winner of Roof of Africa 2011 - Graham Jarvis (GB)
Igor Baleta: ...
that was a true test of character and resolve. After 20 hours and 7 minutes of racing over two days, i just scraped in by under half an hour. And as if i needed more drama at the end of the last day, 12 hours in the saddle, the sun was setting, my fuel was on reserve, had no more drinking water then both my g.p.s's ran flat literaly half a km from the finish line and i ended up lost on the edge of a cliff across the valley from where i was suposed to be with hundreds of spectators cheering me on and trying to direct me in, talk about stress...!.Thanks ENDUROWORLD, NOMADIK, my brother Nic and all the spectators and competitors who helped out along the way.

A few pics from my brother Igor's Roof of Africa 2011 where Igor finished in the silver class...

2 bikes, 2 helmets, 2 pairs of boots... 2 of everything...
Day 1 is a time trial in the streets of Maseru . Brother Nic - photographer and crew extrodinaire looks on with camera slung over shoulder
The orange plastic barrier fence took a few casualties.
Look out for No. 275
Day 2 - First day of tough riding
Winner in 2010 and 2nd in 2011 - Chris Birch (NZ)
Igor and buddies
The Goon Squad.
Igor Baleta: Ja nee, these kerels were propper all weekend long. They had a big flatbed truck with couches, bar, braai sound system you name it on the back
Igor through an easy section
Igor Baleta: I waited all day at this crossing to get a pic of one of these humped zebras, but alas, no luck
Igor Baleta: Top of Bushmans, two days befor the race... Fire in the sky, was fire in the lungs a couple of days later...!!!
Local Hero, Jade Gudzeit (ZA) - 2nd in 2010, 3rd in 2011

Bushman's Pass - the Silver and Gold finish
Igor Baleta: Taking a moment at the finish of a weekend of almost 21 hours of riding....LOL, awesome what the human body can endure, if the race went on another day or two or five , most would have just delt with it. THATS ENDURO...!!! it rocks
Igor Baleta: LOL cant believe its actualy over, getting GPS confirmation...
Igor Baleta: ROOF OF AFRICA 2011...Well done Red Cherry Adventures, Mike ,Ian ,Seamus and all the rest of the crew, was an awesome event and a weekend i will remember for the rest of my days.

Big thanks to ENDUROWORLD, NOMADIK, my brother Nic and all the spectators and cometitors who helped push and pull me up those mountains. Training for 2012 starts today :-)

Well done Chiiiiieeeeeeef!!

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