Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Flattrack Practice

Sunday morning I was down at Rye House for a pre-season flattrack practice session

There were many sparkly new bikes there... including Stuart Lovell's beaut two-smoke

Most of the regulars were there... some, like me... had hardly touched thier bikes since the last ride of 2011

Stevie Coles has spent some time modifying his Thundarbike into this badd-ass mad-max creation... brilliant!

First session and all was going well...

Until too much rear brake locked the rear and stalled the engine... I go into the Graziano Rossi leg-drag style

As Jamie 'Full Lock or Death' Croydon says... "You can still save it dude". Lord knows... I tried. 


Sometimes you just gotta pray...

A good time was had by all and despite many riders getting caught out by the slippery turn 3 (it almost got me in the fence a few times...), everyone left on thier own two feet.
Thanks driverchris for the action-shots!

1 comment:

  1. you werent the only one to take a dive m8.
    roll on sun!!!.