Saturday, 14 December 2013

KTM 690 Bobber

Love the KTM 690...  if I had the scrilla, I'd build a 690 flattrack racer. But here's something different... and super-cool.

According to Hell For Leather:
Sven Etzelsberger is not your average garage builder. The soft spoken automotive designer works at Fisker Automotive and also has a background in metalworking. Rather than spending $15,000 on a GS, he decided to take that money and build something special: This single-cylinder KTM bobber.

“In my normal work, I typically don’t fabricate anything with my hands,” he said. “I design it. I engineer it. So it was actually nice having a garage project where I create something with my hands and put it into place, where typically, I only design.” Etzelsberger’s “Bob Racer” is crafted from a 2007 KTM 690 Supermoto. “It had to remain rideable, it had to be fast,” he said. “That’s why I decided to go with a KTM. I wanted to build something unique, something that no one had done before. I didn’t want a V-twin. Everyone builds a custom bike with a V-twin. Everyone.”

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