Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wee Monster FOR SALE

Spent yesterday going over and cleaning up my Wee Monster... she's now for sale :-(

Probably the best race bike I've had... 6 podiums and 3 wins in about 8 race meetings over the last 5 years. I have only got one other road race podium (on my old Aprilia).

Had a heavy heart the last few days with the Fourfiddy and now Wee Monster for sale. But, I'm getting married in a few weeks, got an expensive race project for the summer (Classic TT) and am looking to relocate to Austria by the end of the year. Got too many bikes that I don't use enough - time to have a clean-out. Struggling a bit with the emotional attachment I have to these tools...

Oh well... out with the old... perhaps in with the new sometime ;-)


  1. Ah, they come and they go... I bet somebody will have many a new adventure on the trusty steed.

  2. are they tools?!.
    i think when you put some heart and soul into them, they can become more than that...
    i had tears in my eyes when my race bikes went.

  3. I'm trying to cut the emotional ties to make it easier when they get loaded into someone else's van. Tools.
    You're right Travis... I can pass them onto others to enjoy, like they were passed onto me.
    We never 'own' things, just look after them for a while...