Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Candy's Back!

Started tinkering on bikes again after a few weeks rest. Blow the cobwebs out... the monthly cacklefest.

The hole in the garage was soon filled by Candy - my first race bike. She's being pressed back into service - need to do 4 qualification races before May to get my IOM Mountain Course Licence.

Her last run out...

She looks sweet - just had confirmation that I don't need standard fairings to be able to run her in the Modern Classic/Golden Era Superbikes class. More cashola for race entries :-)

She needs a few other things... mostly replacing stuff I've robbed off her to keep the other bikes going... battery, clip-ons, brake master cylinder, footpegs, some tyres, oil change...

From what I remember and my results from her last run out - I wasn't happy with her handling. Going to try a few new things with the geometry.

I've got 7 weeks to get her done :-)

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