Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Ok, ok... enough of the TT already. Life goes on.

Last weekend, Ant and I went to Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway. It's a drag race meet for pre 80s cars and bikes. It was an awesome day out. The last time I went to drag racing I was a teenager... so it was just as I remembered it!

These funnycars were incredible. Sub 7 seconds. The Apache recorded a weekend best ET of 6.2 secs for the quarter mile. That is soooodamnfuckinfast!


A wee Fiat with a big V8

There was a whole parking lot full of hot-rods, muscle cars and other cool stuff...

Super Bad Ass!

Another bad boy

I'm a bit of a Chevy guy

An awesome P51 Mustange display to boot

Old-timer drag-bikes...

...with a few twin-engined Triumphs too.

Don't mess with these supercharged souped up campers... they'll blow 99.9% of modern cars into the weeds!

Love the old slingshots with facemasks and retro backup girls

Piet Mondrian having a go

Lots of tyre smokin action...

... and then this old girl shat herself on the start-line. Is than my con-rod?


One day I will have a pre '73 Camaro :-)

Camaro in a different guise...

Hot rod

I love the lines of the P1800 Volvo. I have this pipe-dream of giving one an engine transplant and give it some teeth... this is a bit overboard... but cool!

Beautiful Challenger 

More rods

The apple or Ant's eye... there were quite a few awesome Chevy Bel Airs there... all were kitted out with big-blocks and huge rear tyres. Subtle... you had to look hard.

More Camaro badness

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