Friday, 27 November 2009

Roof of Africa - Day 2

I don't know if Igor started day 2... I hope he did. The 'Live Results' on the Roof of Africa website aren;t quite 'Live'. Probably "live' in African time.
No pics of the brudduh yet, but some pics of the days racing:

From the sporadic race ticker: "15:43 - only 5 competitors have passed through the Ha Fochane Service point 20 km from Ramabanta." They started at 06:00... this is about half-way!

Is this racing? Mabe the organizers are taking the 'extreme' enduro a bit far if only 5 competitors can get 1/2 way after nearly 10 hours of riding on day 2?

This is pretty serious shit these guys have to get through. At what point does it stop being fun? It needs to be a challenge.. but not impossible.

From the race ticker less than an hour ago: they are cutting the day's stages down about half-distance so that more people finished and will be able to start tomorrow. Tomorrow's stages will be cut down too. Sounds like the route-makers got it wrong.

No idea if Igor is still in the race. Sounds like they lost most of the today.

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