Sunday, 11 April 2010

Duke Build - To the Stripe

Was up at the crack of dawn to pickup the Duke Flattracker form Geoff who kindly helped out with welding on some paddock-stand bosses and a shark's fin.

Then I finally got down to the Red Max Speed Shop for some flattrack bits...

Steve helped out with selecting a seat and tank for the project...

Starting to look like a framer already. The best looking and fitting tank and seat are for a Harley XR. Steve robbed the tank from a bike in his workshop for fitting. The tank is on order... seat was in stock.

Steve's cool Vertimati Flattracker.

After a good gander at the Speed Shop, the old gal was back at home by 14h00 for the continuation of her transformation.

With a steel shoe on, metal footpegs get pretty slippy. Hopefully an old inner-tube is going to do the anti-slip job until I fit my cool Bates footpegs.

One of the jobs I tackled was getting rid of the airbox. Steve lent me a Harley XR air-filter. It's a bit tight on the shock mount, but otherwise fitted a treat! Got to order one of those...

I managed to finish off the shark-fin, fit the paddock bobbins and the seat unit (needed custom brackets), trim the undertray, remove the airbox, fit the air-filter, refit the ECU and rectifier, fit some big-ass bars (more spacer/bracket jiggery-pokery needed for that), extend the brake lever, remove more bits I don't need and finally bleed and adjust the rear-brake. The brake fluid came out black! Probably been in there since it rolled off the factory floor in Austria.

She is far from finished, but a little closer to where I want to get her.

I just finished an hour ago and am absolutely knackered!

Tomorrow is the first round of the ShorttrackUK series. So it's up early for the 3 hour trek up to King's Lynn for a day on the clay. Looking forward to it and seeing how she fares with the new mods.

Flattrack on!


  1. great idea!
    i was thinking about making a duke 2 into a street/cafe racer.
    you are the first one i found on te net customizing a duke. good luck with the build


  2. it has a lovely aggresive look wi the end cans poking out of its arse like that!!.
    seemed to go alright 2!.