Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Erzberg - Recce

Had a great long-weekend relaxing and recovering from a cold (and a mysterious virus) in the home of KTM - beautiful Austria. No bikey stuff... well... only a bit.

Did a little day-trip to nearby Erzberg where I'm doing the Erzberg Rodeo Exreme Enduro later this year.

Shit! It's big.

The 45 degree steps are just massive! I have circled a digger... not a common garden digger, but a full-on industrial size digger that needs a lane-straddling truck with flashing lights to transport it. Click on the pic to zoom in...

The Erzberg Rodeo is less than 8 weeks away now... and the last time I slung my leg over the Four-fiddy was more 4 weeks ago... after which I was quite ill. Just about well enough to start training again now. With two Manx qualifying road-races and three rounds of Flattrack between now and Erzberg, there aren't many weekends left to get any training in. Doh!

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