Sunday, 22 May 2011

6 Days

I've had the trailer on the back of the chevy for 6 days now...

Tuesday - dropped the flattracker and Candy off at TSS for a toon-up for the new exhausts

Wednesday - picked up the flattracker and Candy form TSS. Candy's power curve is nicely smoothed out with a 4bhp gain at the top. The flattracker has gained 2-3bhp across the rev range :-)

Thursday - Got down to the field and had a blast just ripping up the dirt with Ant. Our track is so overgrown... many places is just a foot-wide groove of grip... get off this is and you're sliding across the grass. Very dry and dusty too... hooning around the fields was fast as you like! Awesome fun!

Friday - Down to Brands Hatch for a test day. Took Candy out for a couple of runs. All's good. She's running well and the bodywork makes her slippery! Took the Suzy V out as well to get her better setup for short-circuit racing. I left the suspension as it is from the Manx last year and just changed the wheelbase, gearing and front ride height. I didn't want to change too much.

 Early morning start on Friday...

 Pitting under an awning with Team Respro - oh... the luxury!

 Schnuggled up for a night in the paddock

Saturday - Still at Brands Hatch for the fifth of my six qualification races for the Manx GP. I'd entered Suzy V in the Thunderbikes class because with the winter engine work she is now illegal for the Minitwins class. She was a bit outgunned against most of the field and with mostly Manx set-up wasn't the nimblest... but she did well. Qualified 17th and in Race 1 managed to bring her home safely in 14th. It wasn't a fun race - a sidecar in the race before blew up and dropped oil on the racing line on 6 of the 9 corners. Spent the race dodging oil. Lap times were about a second and a half down on qualifying times. I normally do a second or two faster in a race.

 Paddock ingenuity for a lost exhaust plug

Team Respro: Mr Harry Cole 

We waited the whole day for Race 2 - this was cancelled after another sidecar incident before us. I hate racing with sidecars... it's always the same... they screw it up for the rest of us. They're not even motorbikes... they should go race with the cars. The only peeps that like sidecars in the paddock are sidecar crews. They're like quadbikes at enduros... just a pain in everyone else's ass. Hmph!

View from my paddock waiting chair... 

This is road racing... hurry up and wait... and wait... and wait... and pack up and go home. One reason why flattrackin' is more fun... less waiting and more racing!

We were racing on the Brands Hatch GP circuit... which is rare thing because of the wankers that move to a village next to one of the oldest race tracks in the world and then complain to the council that it's noisy on weekends. Tossers! The last time I raced this circuit was 2004 when I did about 10 laps before I had bike trouble. Yesterday I only got 14 laps in on the 'best circuit in Britain' - disappointing.

Harry likes to rock n roll! 

BUT - I got to test both bikes... got qualification race 5 under the belt... and pitted with my friend Harry Cole who I haven't raced with for a few years. And... the weather was good... so it was great!

Sunday - Got the fourfiddy back down the field where Ant, Mike and I did some shredding! Ultra dry, dusty and super-fast. Nothing like holding onto the big ol fourfiddy at full pelt down a single track... speeeeeeed-therapy!

We were just about to finish off... and were doing wheelies up 'wheelie' hill. I went off the back of the bike and cought my leg sideways. "Clack!" Jeeeeeeeesus! My knee! The pain! Despite wearing quality knee braces... I've now done my knee in. My flattracking knee (left). It hurts like fuck if I twist it slightly. Shit! Bollocks! and Fuck!

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  1. hope the knee is healing? is that Mike's best catalogue pose? very jealous of the greenery!