Friday, 6 May 2011

An Evening with David Aldana

Last night I went to the Sideburn sponsored evening with David Aldana. David featured in the classic movie 'On Any Sunday' and was a big name in the flattrack and road race scene in the 70s - he had many amusing stories about his racing. He's an all round great guy and was thoroughly entertaining!

There were some tasty race bikes on display and the evening was compared by Julian Ryder

Dave trying out a pukka 70s BSA flattracker for size - Dave was a factory BSA racer and won a lot of National races on one 

That's quite some autograph collection!

RedMax Steve and Wilky chewin' the fat with Dave

But here's the best part... at 61 Dave still races flattrack. And tonight I get to race against him at the first round of the Grand National UK Championship held at the Oxford Speedway Stadium. Racing starts at 19h00 - come along... sure as hell beats watching crap on TV!


  1. It sure did beat watching crap TV

  2. I had some tips from David... ;-)

  3. You rode well all n ight dude , good to watch !
    That movie you watched was "the thrill is on " very rare film made the year after "on any sunday" but not released till recently .
    Aldana is awesome for a 61 year old , not afraid to crash out !
    Steve #59