Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ShorttrackUK GNC & Club Round 2 - Coventry

This is soooooo after the fact... but I thought I should do a post on my DirtQuake experience from 3 weeks ago anyway...

Raced in the Restricted and Thunderbike class of the ShorttrackUK Club round in the early afternoon. The Coventry track was just mud and slipery as fook.

The starts from the inside of the track were a bit... challenging. Matt Moore does a 'De Puniet' and bins it before he crosses the line
Thanks James Boddy for the pic

I was inspired by Alan Birtwhistle's fearless speed, made few mistakes and got good starts. The track got better as racing got a bit closer, but was still shite by the time we got to the final. If it hadn't have been the DirtQuake event, the meeting would have been called off - it was that bad.

I won this heat by a country mile... the attrition rate that afternoon was high!

In the end I slithered my way to 3rd in the Thunderbikes final and 4th by a few inches to Geoff Cain in the Restricted final. My second flattrack trophy! Yeeeee-ha!

Just couldn't find a way past Geoffo and almost got him on the line
Thanks James Boddy for the pic

After the Club racing we were entertained for a few hours by DirtQuake. A great event... thanks to Gary, Dave and all those who put in the graft to put on a great show. And bloody well done for all the competitors taking their cool, imaculate, silly and shitty bikes onto the clay. We were all entertained! (I have some pics of the event but not on this PC so will upload a few soon)

Catching some Zs before the GNC racing... dreaming of racin'
Thanks James Boddy for the pic

In the evening, on a much better track with loads of sticky grip, I did the GrandNational Championship in the Thunderbikes class.

More start-line shennanigans... "Which way d'we go?"

Bustin' sideways moves off the line at walking pace

I got a few bad picks on the start grid but still managed to qualify 5th. The pace was fast and the racing a lot closer than the club event. I can't remember what I did, but I made one of my few mistakes that day and finished 6th in the final.

A good day in the clay despite the crappy conditions
Thanks James Boddy for the pic

Keeping it steady at a walking pace was key

Next round of the GNC is this Friday night (15th June) at Oxford. Be there!

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