Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Adventure Speedweek - Day I

Here's a blurb and some magnificent pics from my brother Nic's recent adventure inSouth Africa:

Haakskeen - The 5k Grin - part I
There we were.
Tourists, treasure seekers… pilgrims.
Drawn to the arid far north west reaches of the Southern land….
The Kalagadi.


Camped out on the edge of Haakskeen pan, an open vastness of solitude.
Together in our idea, individual in our method and goal.
On a quest.
Wring the nuts off your chosen fire breather, to see how fokken fast it’ll take ye.


(An official timed speed run, on a pan as flat as flat can. 6cm gradient over 2km’s)
(A sun baked crust of salt and clay. 5km’s is all you have got, to have your say.)

“Bring em bring em” from far and wide. “ If it got wheels , we’ll time it”,the slogan goes.
From 1930-2012 ,the models were present.

But alas, the pan was not going to let you just burn it, and take the honours.
Once the surface had been ridden on the first day, with high crosswinds, it broke up into a rough powder.
400+ Bph for the cars , some who know what, turbo charged 1400cc motorcycles geared for 420km/h+ took on a whole new meaning. Anything over 200km’s took huge balls.

(to be continued)




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