Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MX Training

Managed to get down to my local MX practice track on Sunday morning. It was a clear, bright autumn day. But a weeks' worth of rain gave us a few sections of muddy slag... most of the track was ok though.

I'm starting to really dislike mud...

...scraped about 15kg of mud off at the track... then power-washed the other 15kg off at home... and then spent half an hour cleaning that up.

Managed to do 1 hour 45 mins with only 1 break... and put the bike down only once. The Northamptonshire mud has clay in it... so sticks like dog-shit. Took 2 hours to jet-wash that shit off the bike and kit.

I had to get out there and put the time in... body is still aching. It's my last chance to get some fitness in before I do an enduro out in South Africa in three weeks' time.

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