Monday, 28 October 2013

Flattrack Practice

Yesterday, Pete Boast held a practice day at Leicester Speedway. I had committed to going, but really wasn't up for it on the day. Not wanting to let anyone down, I managed to reluctantly drag my kit into the van, and loaded the flattracker. As I was man-handling it in, I felt a muscle in my back go "poing!". Fuck, that hurt!

I shovelled some pain-killers in my mouth and headed to my 'local' track. Overnight rain left the track really soggy - not the conditions I like. I just watched the first few sessions glumly. Not up for it. Not up for getting my bike and kit covered in shale. Being surrounded with Paaarp-paaaarping bikes and a drying track and my mood slowly changed. I popped another pain-killer in and got my kit on.

First session I is was super slow. It started to come to me by the second session and actually started to enjoy the third session. I just went round and round and round. I wanted Pete to ride my bike and give some feedback. I have never ridden another flattracker.. so have no idea if my bike is good or bad.

It was a good turnout with 2 sessions being run.
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.

Unfortunately, Pete didn't get a chance to try out the bike but gave me a great tip on my handle-bar position. I swung them forward about 2 inches... much easier getting into corners (which is where I struggle). I found the throttle control a bit awkward with the bars that far forward, but I got used to it. By the end of my third session, my back was killing me. So I quit while ahead.

Some of the usual suspects were there...
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.


 Young Oliver Brindley was flying... passed me a few times.
Thanks Mark Hall for the pic.

It was a good day on the clay and a great track - I hope we get to race there next year. Hopefully I'll get to see the doc today about my back - still fuckin hurts. Also just realised I didn't do a post on the last round of the DTRA National Flattrack Champs... I'll get onto that soon.

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