Friday, 1 November 2013

News from Africa

Some news from my brother Nic in South Africa...

Off to visit some peeps in Graskop on Saturday. The St4 did not get the nod for the job, with intermittent fault ,no chancing it.
Might have worked fine, might have not. Confidence in the machine is important.
So went on the st2. Super little motorcycle.

So I ride some other routes go through some road works for about 15k's. slow, mud sand, all the stuff you do not like to ride a Duke over.
Anyhow, all good, road opens up, open up. Back end don't feel good, feel again. No good.
Pull over.
Back road somewhere.
Bag off bike on stand. No wurries. Out with the kit.
OOOh!, on inspection there appears to be a couple of possibilities.
Send the Auger mujob into one, and give it a clean. Dumbass shitty Chinese products. Rubber cement tube has about 1 10th of a gram of cement in it.
Chinese, you don't want that.
No wurries, we don't need that. plug in. 1x CO2 bomb, 1 x can tyre weld. Pffffffffffffffsssssssssssst.
Spin tyre. Pfffsssssffffsssstffffsssst. nuther hole.
Rest of tyre weld.
Wait 5 minutes. Check pressure. all good.
PAck up . Ride on.

Back home or onward. there was time.
No, rather back home. I do not have total trust in these things.
Besides, I had used all the repair kit up.
So back home it was. 160 k's. in the car, and back .

All good.
It was pissin doon, and all misty, so being in a car was great.

yeah! tyre repair kit lives under seat.
Yea never know.

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