Friday, 23 January 2015

Jim Rice - Hero

This pic of my friend Jim Rice was posted on facebook today. Jim responded a few hours later with the story behind it. He's told me this awesome story before... but here it is in his own words:

"1972 San Jose Mile National win: It was an exciting and interesting race. On the ninth lap, while in fourth place, I hit my shoulder on the inside fence post. The impact tore both hands off the handle bars, and my chest landed on the gas tank. I was laying on the tank, amazed that I did not crash. I lifted my right hand up and grabbed the throttle, and when I tried to lift my left hand up, my shoulder muscles were not responding. I tried a couple times and finally got my left hand on the handle bar. During this process, I got an andenaline rush, focused on the race, and realized I could win. Dick Mann passed me while I was recovering from the impact, and a few laps later I re-passed him. 

The last few laps, Kenny and I had a dual for the lead. Kenny would pass me in the first and second turn and I would pass him in the third and fourth turn. I knew the last lap third turn was going to be "banzai". I "drove it" into turn three striving not to drift off the groove, while Kenny was "hanging it out" on the outside trying to get a drive off the turn. I managed to cross the finish line with inches to spare, before Kenny passed me. 

I was so EXCITED, and by the time I got back to the finish line, the pain hit me like a freight train! I could not pull in the clutch, so I held on, put both feet on the ground and stopped next to Mike. He gave me a congratulation slap the back of my left shoulder, and I crawled off my BSA, and got into the ambulance. What an interesting race!"

Jim Rice - one tough, talented and awesome guy. Hero!

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