Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hanging Out with Jim

This week I'm in San Francisco for work... a great opportunity to hang out with my friend Jim Rice and do some trail riding with him at Hollister Hills on Sunday.

Up early... but not too early. Jim prepping the bikes...

Out on the trails with John and Jim... both are mega trails riders.
Hollister Hills is just miles and miles of trails some fast, some single track, some wide, some steep, some jumps... all huge fun.

Brian, Frank Jim and John. Awesome riding with these guys.

Franks classic Maico scrambler

Awesome Californian weather :-)

Suburbs of Hollister

Brian, Jim and I went for a Mexican after... :-)

This is a 'new' fire engine. Only in the US of A!

I haven;t ridden a dirt bike in more than 2 and half years... holy crap... I'm feeling it now! All good conditioning for the TT.

What an awesome weekend... hanging out with friends... riding bikes and talking bollocks... about bikes. Thanks Jim!

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