Sunday, 26 April 2015

KMR in da Hoose

The Supersport build is in good hands and progressing on schedule. Maxton finished re-valving and setting up the forks and the made-to-order GP10 shock last week. Loads of parts have been ordered and most have been delivered. John Trigger will start the engine work this coming week :-)

I have been away for work a lot in the last few weeks. Super-grateful to have some work... but does make the TT prep more challenging. Last weekend I was home for a few hours and took the opportunity to pick-up the Lightweight bike. A KMR Kawasaki - it's a proper piece of kit. I only had time to collect it and then spend 45 minutes oogling it in the garage. Next weekend the TT prep for this week bike starts.

The KMR is built by Ryan Farquhar - who has won more Irish Road races than even Joey Dunlop. A true gent and great guy... this is the 12th KMR to come form his fabled workshop. It was the bike Jeremy McWilliams rode at the NW200 in 2013. Last year it was piloted to a brilliant 4th place by my friend Warren Verwey at the ManxGP. Warren did a fastest lap of 110mph... on a little 650 twin - that's cookin!

Warren at the ManxGP 2014 - 4th place on only his second visit to the Isle

Over the autumn, as my TT plans were coming together, I was going to build a Kawasaki ER-6 TT bike. I spent about 2 hours with this bike in Cotober... fairings off and took loads of photos and measurements. I wanted to understand what makes a KMR one of the best Lightweight bikes out there. It's a proper bike... built for the roads by someone who knows.

There is no way I could have built a bike as good. It would have cost me more and I would have ended up with something that still needed to be developed. This bike a fit for purpose... and it's ready to go. Thanks for your patience Warren :-)

Just a few days prep in the garage and she'll be ready to roll down Bray Hill. Man, I can't wait to hold this baby flat out down Glencrutchery there!

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