Sunday, 12 June 2016

Isle of Man TT 2016

The Isle of Man TT 2016 has come... and gone. I wasn't there... but looks like the weather was fantastic. This meant leads of practice time... which means more time to get bike setup right... which means fast laptimes. Records tumbled as Hutchinson and Dunlop showed the way. They were in a different league.

See his inspirational story in Hutchy - Miracle Man

Fantastic laptimes and results for Dominic Herbertson and few of my other mates out there. 18th in the Senior and 125mph on a superstock bike built in his shed and that was almost destroyed by fire in the beginning of the season - on fire Dom the Bomb!

Dom is knocking of the door of the big boys now!

Bloody well done to Simon Gilbert competing in the Sidecars at his first TT. Two solid finishes in a race of attrition. Oh so close to getting your 100mph lap - it's yours next year!

Simon Gilbert in the Slideys

Unfortunately, it wasn't a good year for fatalities. Rest in peace and godspeed...

Dwight Beare

Ian Bell

 Andrew Soar you guys shuffle from this mortal coil... keep those cables stretched and GO FAST!

The Isle of Man TT - it's the greatest show on earth!

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