Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Time, time... time.

Been looking back over the last year. Previously, my whole calendar (and world) ran from one Isle of Man campaign to another. A year ago I was back from the epic TT adventure. 9 campaigns to the Isle and I had got away with it :-)

I was shattered. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I started a new and challenging contract at work... the first six weeks I was like a zombie. Tired, tired, tired. It took me till my first ever summer holiday with my wife in September to recover.

I used to average around 15 posts per month on this here blog. In the last year I've managed 12. Been thinking why.

Time. My new work contract is challenging... and I'm spending a large amount of time on it (still got TT debts to pay off...) as well as commuting. I haven't done any racing since a bit of Dirttrack at the end of last summer (which I didn't blog).

I've also been focussing on non-biking activities, like moving to and settling in Austria, learning German and working on our little wooden home in the hills.

I've struggled to find time for blogging. It's been somewhere down the priority in the perpetual 'tings to do' list. Time.

But... I've had a wee bike racing project simmering away. Oh yes, you couldn't keep me away for long...
This time it's a very different approach for me: Outsource. Something different: flat bars. A new adventure in a foreign land. I've dropped a few clues in the last posts... and here's another...

 I'll tell the story in the next few days. Things are about to get exciting in this little world of Speed Therapy 

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