Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tea Till Dusk 08

I was looking for a few pics from the enduro I did on Sunday... and I found these:

Tea Till Dusk - July 2008 - Start... why is #118 sitting?

4 weeks before this in June 2008 I did my first Hare-scramble- also a Tea Till Dusk event. I enjoyed it thouroughly and managed 4 laps in 2 hours. The next weekend went to South Africa (on business...) and rode another hare-scrabble - of which I only managed 1/2 a lap before drowning the bike in a bog. Two weeks after that I did a team 6 hour hare-scramble with my brother and his mate Gareth... I think we got 6th overall - that was brilliant!

Three days later I was back in blighty doing the next Tea Till Dusk. It was raining and the track a bog. I suffered. I suffered big-time. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete 1 lap. I must have crashed about 20 times, the little KTM 200 two-smoke's clutch let go 1/2 way through. I was exhasted... but I did a lap!

I was sore for a week after... this was the last off-road race I did before this last weekend. I'm still sore from Sunday. Man, will I ever learn? Why the fuck do I do this shit?

Mabe the smiling eyes say it all...

:-) ... got a 3 hour hare-scramble on Sunday... I hope it doesn't rain!

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