Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wristy Woes

On Sunday before last (more than 10 days ago) Ant, Mike and I went to Enduroland for the day. It was dry and dusty and weather was great!

(Gorgeous weather at Enduroland)

They had 2 loops, one of 6 miles and the other 8 miles. Some fast field work too... man, I love the four-fiddy!

On our second lap, Mike was pootling through the only damp section. The lap before he was almost off there so he was taking it easy and getting used to his new Honda 250CRF. I decided to pass him. It was rutted up, I was in the right rut, he was in the left. I gassed it up and started to pass... then his front wheel popped out of his rut and he was coming across me. I thought I could make it through so opened the throttle. As I passed him our bars collided... we landed up sliding down the path... Mike on top of the KTM, me underneath it!

(Dry, fast and dusty... the way I like it!)

We got up, dusted ourselves off and thankfully he wasn't hurt. My recovering wrist hurt like fuck! It felt like I had broken it again. I could move it and teh fingers worked, but when I smashed it up in May on teh Flattrack, I could also move it and the fingers worked. After about 10 minutes we got back on the bikes and finished the lap. I checked it out back at the van... didn't look broken but Christ it hurt! I swallowed a handful of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and got back on the bike. Besides the wrist in pain caused me some misery and affected my riding, but besides that we had a cracking day.

(Mike hving fun on his new dirtbike)

On the way home I stopped by at A&E and spent 3 hours gettin it X-Rayed and checked out. Luckily the surgeon the put the plate in was doing a locum that night and he checked it out. No more bones broken and the plate and screws looked ok. Phew! No more operations please.

(Mike spots a bug to be squashed...)

The wrist stiffend and swelled up. Not good. I've been resting it for more than a week and it's still a bit swollen and sore. Before Enduroland I had recovered about 75% of the movement since the operation... now I'm back down to about 50%. This is where I was in the beginning of July. Bollocks!

(I saved this one on my knee... yeah right!)

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  1. Mike in his pants should never make it on to a public blog!!! Glad your wrist is ok, wish you lot would take it a bit easy, stop living on the edge so much!! See you soon! Kt-x