Thursday, 2 September 2010

ManxGP 2010 - Final Practice

The rescheduled Senior Classic race was run today in great conditions... a bit misty, but sunny and warm. Mark Herbertson was running in 3rd when he retired at Kirk Michael on the first lap :-(

Mark Herbertson (#10) getting off the line in the senior Classic

The 500 AJS he was on was in bits just days before after a terminal engine failure during practice week. Alan and Mark put in many hours to get the bike to the start line, but misfire and then dead engine put Mark out of the race.

After that we got out for one lap of practice on the BAMF. I made a few suspension tweaks and raised my seat level by about 10mm to try get the air flowing better over me. I also wanted to work on being smoother and try carry more corner speed.

My Dad enjoying the glorious sound of a rare 3 cylinder 500cc MV Augusta race bike (raced and made famous by Giacomo Agostini) - Alan Oversby was the first starter in the Senior Classic and led the race until the last 7 miles when he broke down.

We set out at about 14h20. I bogged her down off the line and my start partner got in front of me before St Ninians... then held me up all the way down Bray Hill - I eventually got past him into Quarterbridge. Not a great start... but then started catching a passing. A bit smoother but I got her into the wrong gear many times... coming out of a turn with her at 5 grand, she just bogs down. The extra horsepower has cost me some low-down grunt.

Titanium heat discoloration and popped rivets... the effects of killing dBs

It was a good, steady lap... nice 'n easy. 105.8 from a standing start - ok... but we need to up the ante for race day... be a bit braver... hold onto the throttle that little bit longer... not use the brakes so much.

Spent the rest of the afternoon prepping her for tomorrow. The dB killer has worked, but been getting an excessive build-up of heat in the end-can. Also a bit too much pressure - found 4 out of the 7 rivets holding the end-cap on have been blown off. Not good. The dB killer has served and has been removed for the race. Hoping that extra bhp will help my lap times tomorrow... besides... she'll sound great!

Gotta enjoy the Manx sunshine while you can

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