Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Flattracker Build - Subframe & Rads

A bit more progress on the flattracker last weekend...

... got the rads all plumbed in and bracketed on. They sit at an angle because of the exhaust headers... I'll see how it looks when the bike's together. Might straighten them out a bit.

More subframe mods...

My chicken-shit welding isn't great... but normally isn't this bad. had issues with the MIG wire feed.

But nothing an angle grinder couldn't sort out.

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  1. Paul
    I'm no expert, but I'd say of the welding...
    clean off a little more of the paint from the surround of where you're
    going to weld.
    make a chicken shit tack at the top to bridge the gap & to stop it opening wider than you intend (with the distortion created by the heat that will follow...)
    start the weld proper from the bottom of the cut at it narrowest, & pastry chef the bead back & forth (from side to side)
    those ground back chicken shit welds 'look ok' (especially once youve rattle canned over it) BUT it remains chicken shit, & as such is weak.