Friday, 28 January 2011

'Suzy V' Gets Some Fairy Dust

Last weekend I picked up the Suzy V (Suzuki SV650 race bike) from Gary at SDC Performance. Gary built the bike for me last winter... and after she went so well at the Manx GP with a stock engine, I took her back to Gary for a toon-up.

Check out those bling cam covers on Gary's next SV!

There were a few race bikes being built up... including another carby SV.

Gary's been involved in racing for many years

A beautifully built, never raced CBR1000... and some of Gary's many trophies. Gary is after the British F1 sidecar Championship this year!

Back to Suzy V... Gary whipped the engine out and sent it to his Dad and well known tuner - Mike Smith. An engine rebuild with Blueprint, porting, Kent cams and a sprinkling of magic fairy dust.
Standard SV: about 72bhp at the wheel
Suzy V in 2010 (stock engine with MHP pipe): 75bhp
Suzy V now: 85bhp!

That's a whopping 13% gain! I hope the known SV weakness, the bottom-end holds together and she's reliable. Gary has done some risk mitigation on that side for me too... so here's hoping. Looking forward to getting her on track!

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