Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Trials Down the Junction

On Sunday I found the practice track my neighbor had told me about. Well... it's not a track... just a piece of unused ground right on a junction of the M1 motorway.  It's fairly big... and flat. Apparently it's been used for years and there's been no trouble with the plod. Best part... it's only 6 miles from home!

Took the Beta down for my first ride in months. Just a light, introduction back onto the dirt. Skids and wheelies! There were a couple of other lads down there with dirtbikes learning to wheelie, a pitbike and a dad teaching his son to ride. Cool.

It's not great for trials... besides a few tyres around, this whoop-like section was as gnarly as it got. But... I see potential for a wee bit o flattrackin on them plains! A bit bumpy, but should be okay. Got to get my sooper-dooper-chinese-minibike prepped and down there! Wanna get the four-fiddy down there too. No excuses now... time to start training!

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