Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ace Cafe Flattracker Day

Woke to a dry, sunny day on Sunday.. Got down to the practice track for a blast, but it was water-logged so just bought some paint for the flattracker instead. Soon after I got home, it started raining. Took me a while to get my shit together and the BSA loaded in the van and I headed to London for the Ace Cafe Flattracker day.

Every time I drive near London, it reminds me why I moved away. Took me 2 hours to do the 65 miles there. If it wasn't pissin it down and so frikkin' cold  I would have ridden the old beast there. Would have had to carry fuel - I only get 40 miles to a tank! I was starving when I got there...

 Ace Cafe nosh

Pete is going to be bustin' some moves in the Thunderbikes this season on this classic Yam flattracker from the 70s

I was surprised at the great turnout: Pete had a ShorttrackUK stand, a SkooterFarm / Sideburn stand with Dave on the turntable, RedMax Steve was there as well as Anthony and Geoff's Co-Built... and a parking lot full of bikes. Apparently there were twice as many before the rain.

Cool old-skool caf racer 

The rain didn't let up and the folks were leaving so I didn't bother unload the BSA. This is the first time I've had anything other than a chinese mini-bike or trials bike in the back. It worked out good. Good to see so much interest and all the guys from flattrack racing there.

This one was coooool

Racebikes galore! There were more flattrack racers than streettrackers...

Co-Built with a new frame

Oh... and there was also an Evel Kenevel display... look out for a Kenevel inspired paint job on the flattracker soon!

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