Monday, 21 March 2011

Flattrack Practice - Rye House

Got my first flattrack ride of the season in yesterday at Rye House. Got to test all those changes I've made to the KTM over the winter... the forks, radiators, bar clamps, fuel tank, rear subframe, electrics...

I was a bit worried about overheating with those sexy new teeny-weeny rads. But she only overheated during the first 10 minute session... probably because I had her at standstill and idling for about 5 mins beforehand. The rest of the day she was just brilliant!

With my souped-up starting from a jumper-pack she starts with just one turn. Everything I did to her worked well and nothing fell off! I am always a bit surprised when the work I've done on a bike actually works and doesn't fall to bits.

There was a full turn-out and Alex came along too. The weather was brilliant (especially for mid-March) and practiced the things Co-Built Anthony (who got some cool helmet-cam vids) taught me last November. Working on my speed and sliding without using brakes. Got loads of laps in and was so knackered that we left 1/2 and hour early! As Colin Edwards says: "If you ain't riding at 110%, you're just wearing out the machinery" (or something like that).

I'm feeling smoother and faster... and more in control. Still need a lot more work and practice for the bike and me... but made another step forward. :-)

Unfortunately I'm gonna miss the first ShorttrackUK Club round in Scunthorpe this coming weekend... can't wait to get out there for some slideyways action for round 2 on April 17 (at Rye House again).

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  1. bikes lookin sweet!.
    shame bout scunny thou.