Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Crossin Down the Field

On Sunday I went crossin' down the field with Ant and Mike. It was raining when I woke, but soon stopped and dried out to a beautiful, sunny afternoon. We hardly rode the track and stuck to the edges of the fields and wooded sections between. Loads of new routes through the wooded sections - planning to keep them clear of the summer growth.

It wasn't muddy at all and we were bustin' about like a bunch of mello-yello sipping kids. We were having a ball chasing each other up hill and down dale!

We burst out of a wooded section make a ninety degree turn and twist the throttle as wide as she'll go down the edge of a field. "Kaaaazing! Phut." the fourfiddy stalls. Huh? I hit the starter "Bwaaaaap!" and dump the clutch, Ant and mike were getting away! "Phut." What the.... ?

I have a look at what's what with the beast. Shit. The chains off and all snaked up against the gearbox. Rammed in there good and solid. Bollocks! Turns out a few bolts must have come out of the rear sprocket. With a few remaining bolts into the hub, under the power of the fourfiddy the hub just snapped. Because of the loose rear sprocket, the chain jumped off and mullered itself.

The bike could't be pushed. Ant and Mike chased each other back to the farmhouse and got some tools. We made field repairs so that the bike could be pushed. I landed up pushing the bike most of the few miles back to the farmhouse (at least half of it was downhill). Darn-good exercise.

I bit pissed off because I was having such a blast... and now I've got another bike to work on. :-( But we haven't blasted around the fields for about nine months... so it was great to be out there with my mates again!


  1. bummer deal. i have been their and done that, now i snug the shit out of them sprocket bolts. at least the chain did not blast through your cases and make a bad deal a real bad deal. Looks like primo riding though!

  2. Yeah - doesn't look like too much damage. Hope I can get the chain out without mullering it.