Friday, 10 May 2013

Classic TT Ducati SP3 - The Build Prep

So... a couple of weeks ago I got the bike. I rode it once... then I was off travelling again (mostly for work). On the road I ordered some bits. It was like Christmas when I got home on Thursday night... Santa Claus left quite a few packages. More on the way :-)

Getting everything I need has proved a bit more difficult for this old bike. But... I've made calls and met some very helpful folk. We're getting there. The credit card is getting damaged... big time.


Just read on the Classic TT website that the Formula 1, 2 and Formula Classic race had over 120 entries. Shit. They will only allow 90 or so... sincerely hope I get in. No reason that I shouldn't be accepted... other than it's just me and a modest old bike and not an all singing and dancing big-budget team. Hey... the fact that I'll be on a beautiful Ducati should be enough to get in.

Ace Café getting in on the Classic TT

This weekend the conversion from a very neat 'n tidy, collectors road bike to a Isle of Man racer begins. First thing to sort are those shit brakes. We're gonna turn those Brembos back into Brembos...

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