Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to Make and Airhead Sing

Last winter I took (mostly cut) a load of crap off the bike. This winter I've gone down the tuning route in the quest for silverware. Hopefully this two pronged approach will give me the edge I need to bring it home.

To make the most of that fantabulous 2 into 1 cobbled together exhaust... we have try make her breathe better at the front. Standard air-box (as on most bikes) is a hideous monstrosity. Even with the hack-saw mod, it's still crap.

So... I attack it at 15 000 rpm with the most bad-ass Dremel bit I have. Ten minutes later, with a garage full of tiny bits of molten plastic that I'll be cleaning up for the next five years, we have an air-box that's one third of the size...

bit of a clean-up and it starts looking purposeful.

Some council-estate kudos here - Pipercross!

The whole thing slots right in :-) and get this... weighs a whooping 1/2 kg less than the original. Win - win!

Man! She's gonna breeeeeeeeeeathe!

If I can ever get my oil-in-the-top-cylinder issue sorted, we'll get her down the dyno and see what fruit these sacrifices to the God of HorsePower bear.

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