Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wee Monster Goes Desmosedici

The other week, Peter from Oronero dropped off a set of Desmosedici bodywork he'd made for the Wee Monster. Thus far, I have gone the nekkid route... but would like to visit the podium again. It's been a while since I got any trophies. We'll see if the extra weight is worth the reduced drag.

While I wait for the rings to arrive from Italy, I started on my long list of other things for the bike. Fitting bodywork is a bit tricky with only 1 pair of hands. Especially on a bike that has never had a fairing and has no fairing mounts.

Wooden blocks, cable ties, duct-tape, straps, swearing, cussing and a whole lot of patience later and it was done. The screen is a off an old 748 fairing I had knocking about. Had to cut it a bit and makeup some ally brackets to get it to fit... but turned out okay.

She's looking pretty sweet. Thank you very much Peter!

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