Thursday, 20 March 2014

Toon Up Time

The oil-in-bore problem was the 'generic' scraper ring... it must have somehow been sucking oil into rather that keeping oil out of the cylinder.

Exhaust clamps didn't arrive, so I made a sleeve for an old one and robbed another off the flattracker. I got the beastie down to TTS for a toon-up with her new rings, tighter valves, exhaust and airbox.

I was hoping for 60bhp. The best she gave was nudging 58bhp :-(
Class limit is 65bhp... so I'm at least 10% down.
But... on the same dyno last year she could only give 54bhp and was running rough... so we're up a bit and she's smooth as butter.

I'm thinking the air-filters are interfering with the air-flow. Might experiment with that another time. For now... she needs a once-over, some race numbers and new tyres. Saturday is race day at Brands Hatch.


  1. Howdy Paul,
    I may be able to pick up a 99 sv650 for cheap. I am thinking of building a faster Pikes Peak bike with it for cheap. What do you think? Any of your insight would be greatly appreciated. email me if you want CHEERS!

  2. Yo Travis! I sent you an email...