Thursday, 3 July 2014

888 Dyno Day

End of last week I headed down to Southampton to meet RedMax Steve Hillary down at Doubletake Motorcycles to give the old girl a dyno run and set her up for the new Oronero airbox, velocity stacks and MADASL spaghetti exhaust.

She sounds crisp and clean and spins up a lot faster now - thanks Stafford Evans for the Kaemna light flywheel and lightened primary gear. An ally clutch basket from a 1098 was also fitted. Together with the close ration gearbox, when revving hard, you're just grabbing gears. It won't be as extreme on the road, but with a quickshifter, it would be immense! Maybe next year.

The following is some of the engine work was done by Steve...
Fit lightened flywheel
Fit lightened primary gear (standard 2:1)
Fit ally clutch basket
Fit slipper clutch (thanks MADASL Mark Lumb for loaning this)
Check, torque, locktite all bottom end nuts and bits that can fall off
Check head and shims
Replace belts 

Steve and Nic of Doubletake Motorcycles
They have McGuiness's first TT winning bike - McGuiness offered to buy it, it wasn't for sale so he had a replica built. I will never sell my first race bike.

Interesting thing about the belts - they were new before last year's TT... after the TT, they were discoloured blue. A sign of them getting too hot. Extreme rpm for suck long periods of time and no ventilation I reckon. This year I will run without belt covers... or come up with some ventilation.

So, other than the lightened bits and some vernier pulleys to make setup easier, the engine is completely standard. Just a Oronero carbon airbox and velocity stacks to get the air in and a MADASL spaghetti system to get it out (oh, and an Oronero crank breather box). On the dyno, we played around with the fueling, but in the end just needed a little tweak using Steve's magic yellow box for it to be optimized for the new setup.
Last Year: Blue
This Year: Red
Keep it above 6500 and we'll be okay

Last Year: Red
This Year: Blue
Definite gains in 3rd, 4th and 5th

Compared with last year, we've lost some power mid-range... but it's now smoothed out and it's moved to the top. On the TT Mountain Circuit - this is where she'll live. These are usable gains for flat out riding.

Looking forward to what she feels like on the road :-)

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