Monday, 21 July 2014

Ground Clearance

Done a bit of lock-wiring the other week as per TT requirements. Also wrapped the bottom pipe to minimise damage on the tight-fitting belly-pan.

Lat year the belly-pan took a pounding during the race. It just scraped here and there during practice, but as soon as we wound it up during the race, we had a few issues. I've raised the whole bike by 5mm both ends to help alleviate this - hope I haven't mucked with the geometry too much.

Got an older-style 916 carbon-fibre belly-pan from MADASL Mark Lumb. I flattened it...

...then did a cut-n-shut job on the back end to give that millimetre of clearance for the underneath pipe but at the same time lifting the back as much as possible. As per regs, it still needs to clear the side pipes and have at least a 50mm high wall. Job done. I also added some weight by filling in the back corner - the traditional hole-grinding place for the TT.

Belly-pans on an 888 are a pain in the ass as they were never made for one. In the end, we got it fitted better, with more clearance (more than the technically determined 'fist-and-an-inch'), extra volume at the vulnerable areas and a 300g weight saving on last year's one. It's a win-win-win-win situation... just needs an IOM race to prove the concept :-)

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