Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Quicker Action

I've been looking for a quicker action throttle solution since last fall. The Venhill quick-action throttle I used last year has too much travel - 90 degrees from zero to 100% open. I had to re-grip the throttle when winding it on to get to the stops. I have short fingers. The biggest issue was  that my glove would often snag the throttle it when I went for the brakes and the throttle wouldn't close properly. It gave me a few heart-in-the-mouth moments out there last year.

The big problem is that the Venhill quickest action cam that I use has a radius of 25mm. I found out that this is one of the biggest out there - I was struggling to find any bigger. The other option is to reduce the size of the throttle-body cam. This is also 25mm as standard... which tallies up with the 90 degree throttle travel.

I had heard different size throttle-body cams were available... but I couldn't find any around. So I popped into Baines Racing during the week to pick Geoff Baines brain about this. He rummaged around in a drawer for a minute and came up with this beauty...

It took 3 minutes to fit an has reduced my throttle travel to only 60 degrees. Shazam! Like lightning!

Big thanks Geoff Baines!!!

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