Saturday, 30 August 2014

IOM 2014 Day 9 - Prep and R&R

Friday is the last day of qualifying and those last laps on the Ducati and Suzuki were good enough for me to qualify 22nd in the Formula 1 class on the Ducati (8th fastest Privateer), 11th in the Supertwins class on the Suzuki and 25th in the Senior class on the Aprilia. Well pleased with that and the personal bests we've been getting on almost every session.

A great photo of the wee Suzuki coming out of the Cregg-ny-Baa that appeared on the Manx TT Radio Website - Fame!

Sunday morning was spent prepping the Ducati for the Formula 1 Classic TT race that was scheduled for Monday. Check everything. Then... check it again. It seems like the soap has fixed our fuel leak... 3 laps of practice and not a drop leaked... should be good for a 4 lap race. With new tyres on and everything triple checked, by 14h00 she was good to go.

Oil sample taken and sent out for analysis - fresh oil for the race :-)

After solving the pain in the ass of the Chevy battery running flat because of of faulty interior light switch/loose wire, I could finally spend some time with my beautiful wife Alex who flew out on Friday night for the weekend and to help in the pits for Monday's race.

Ducati all prepped and ready for the Formula 1 race

The main opposition for the race - Bruce Anstey riding the Padgett's 500cc Yamaha Grand Prix bike.
120kg and huuuge power - proper GP stuff! Could be a bit frightening around the IOM. Kudos to Anstey for riding it!

Beautiful beaches south of the Isle

At the Calf of Mann

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