Sunday, 3 August 2014

Loomed Up!

I've spent the last 2.5 weeks overseas for work - really crap timing with all the Classic TT/Manx GP prep that needs to be done. I was in China and a lot of websites are blocked - Facebook, YouTube, Google... and my blog, so I couldn't do any posts. Got back on Friday evening and had my nose to the grindstone since...

Front-mounted ECU

I worked many a late night in the week before my trip to just get things done. Got the Suzuk SV prepped and up to Alan Birtwhistle who then shipped her to the IOM for me - thanks Dude! This is a big help as my van 'n trailer really struggles with 3 bikes and all tools, spares, wheels, tyres, gear and crap I take with me.

While I was away, Oronero Peter finished up and installed a new race loom for the old girl. A few hours after I got home from my trip, Peter dropped the bike off. I spent yesterday securing the new wiring and checking everything.

Proper suff

The 24 year old Italian electrics were always a risk that almost stopped us starting last year's race (starter solenoid connector failed 1 minute before the start - we were lucky to get her bump-started). Peter has built a beautiful, brand new loom with quality connectors and all the proper bits. This also allows me to mount the ECU and heat-sink up front, between the Oronero carbon air-runners. Proper Corse!

Peter wired in a neat little horn button and wiring that just plugs in for the MOT and road tests :-)

Start/kill switch - genuine Honda for reliability

This will help get the front to rear weight distribution which was 50/50 before closer to the theoretical ideal of 52/48. It also allows me to use Peter's beautiful under-seat Corse crank case breather box. 

More Oronero carbon lovliness

By moving the reed valve to after the breather box, it effectively increases to volume of the crank cases by a good few liters. This reduces the air pressure caused on the piston down-stroke. Less pressure = less resistance = more power. Apparently this only works at high rpm and the gains are small. But I figure if the Corse bikes all ran this setup for many years and Cosworth race engines of the era all had similar set-ups, there must be something in it.

Uber-light weight shock reservoir mounting and reed valve setup

Some advantages of the new loom: more reliable, lighter, less clutter, better weight distribution and use of the big volume crank breather :-)

Standard loom - 3.5 kg of wires, switches, relays and connectors. Race loom is saving at least 2kg!

With all the standard wiring gone, all is neat and tidy. Because I'm running with open velocity stacks this year, I fitted a stainless mesh over the front spars where the tons of cool Manx air is going to come rushing in. Flying stones are a hazard on the roads - even a small one being swallowed can ruin your day.

Next up - a road test!

This was from a few weeks ago, before the new loom. I strapped the ECU to the side of the bike to give her a daytime MOT.