Thursday, 18 March 2010

Flattracker Dreams

I'm in the midst of liberating myself from a few hardly used bikes... to be replaced with one kick-ass, always ridden street and flat-tracker. It's going to be used to hooligan down to the shops for some milk and race in the ShorttrackUK Thunderbike class. Dreams.

Tool for all jobs? The Wee Monster taught me probably not. The idea is to build a cool-ass, kick-ass flattrack racer and keep it as a race-registered street-tracker. Possible? Dunno... but I'm gonna try!

Still hunting for the donor bike. First race in 3 weeks. Heck! I'll be just glad to get to the start line! If I do, it'll be on a road bike. Over season it'll be transformed to something like this:

Any guesses on the donor bike?
30 minutes in photoshop left a lot of clues....

1 comment:

  1. dont know what the bike is, but i would limit myself to a 650 twin.
    a monster has been raced b4 in thunderbike with some success.
    i would say that yokes with an adjustable offset would be usefull to convert from street to track and back again.
    good luck!!