Monday, 23 August 2010

Isle of Pisle

After some lovely warmth and sunshine on the Isle yesterday, I cleaned the Monster and set my alarm for an early morning blast around the course. I woke to rain... it's now 12:30 and still raining. :-(

This year I've managed to hire a house right on Bray Hill with great views of the course :-) It also has a double garage the the owner has kindly cleared.

The view up Bray Hill.

The view down Bray Hill... awesome!

My Dad and Ian are joining me halfway through race-week... until then it's just me knocking around this big 4 bedroom house. So, if anyone wants to come over to the Isle, watch modern and classic machinery being thrashed on real roads, do a few laps and have a cup 'o tea... you're welcome to crash at my place.

On days like today I am so glad I'm not camped in the paddock!