Friday, 10 June 2011

Plod Stop Play

Been nursing the HCL sprain decided to get out on the fourfiddy on Saturday past to test it out for flattrackin this weekend. They have erected a 9ft fence around the vacant lot I've used before so I went to an abandoned dry ski slope about 15 miles way. Some guys from the old vacant lot recommended it.

Esay up the front... a bit trickier at the back

When I got there there were no other bikes... just a 4x4 which left 5 mins after I arrived. I had a gentle pootle about. Knee is feckin sore when twisting inwards to change up the gears... but otherwise ok.

There are two challenging climbs at the back of the slope... both with the base obstructed by a mountain of dumped rubble and the one with a 4ft verticle in the middle of it. Both with loose sand.

View from the top

56 minutes into the ride and I was pulling the fourfiddy out of the bushes after failing at my third attempt to conquer the last climb... (After popping up the verticle, I just lose too much momentum and lose traction on the sand) ... and along came plod.

The copper on the DTX bike tells me that it's private property... blah... blah... confiscate bike... blah... owner not happy... blah... blah. He was alright about it. I packed up and headed home... on the way out... 2 patrol cars hurried onto the lot. They wouldn't have been alright about it. Two patrol cars and a bike to stop someone riding on a vacant lot that no-one cares about... this is why we pay taxes!  The cops are just doing their job... but those that called them are wankers.

So, another riding place closed down :-( It was a good ride out and the knee held out. Still a bit sore but getting better every day. :-)

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